Record retrieval is a crucial part of the work your law office does, but far too often, the process of retrieving the documents you need is messy, time-consuming, and work-intensive. Your firm deserves a better brand of record retrieval services.

When you’re comparing and contrasting the different types of record retrieval companies out there, prioritizing these six traits can be the difference between saving your firm time and money and wasting it.

Easy Ordering

One of the most impactful features to look for in record retrieval companies is convenience, especially when ordering documents. You shouldn’t need to fill out tedious and overly involved order forms, nor should you be forced to change the formats you already have on your computer. Instead, you should be able to work with a system that allows you to easily upload pre-existing documents (HIPAA authorizations or service lists, for example) and trust the software to take care of the busywork.

Real-Time Updates

Law firms shouldn’t be responsible for checking-in on the progress of their data requests or document retrievals. And yet, that often tends to be the case. You put in an offer at a record retrieval company, wait for them to provide you with the information you need, and continue waiting until your need for that information becomes far more urgent than it needed to be.

The best record retrieval companies will take ownership of the retrieval process and provide you with automatic and real-time updates on where your request is in the pipeline—no more waiting in limbo, no more overdue requests.

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Instant Downloads

Download speeds plague everyone, regardless of industry and regardless of how important a particular download is. Law firms operate quickly and shouldn’t be expected to wait for lengthy documents to download. With a company like iCopy, you’ll be able to download any and every document you need in a total of two clicks. And if you need a specific request faster, we can use secure file transfers to upload the documents directly to whatever desktop you want.

Responsive Search Capabilities

Smart record retrieval services will also come equipped with a search feature that enables you to find any document you have on your database. With iCopy, you can filter all of your requested documents based on status (In Progress, New Request, Completed, etc.), by the date of the original request, by the due date, or by the type of document you’re looking for. If you need a specific form, you should be able to find it in as few steps as possible.

Direct Messaging and Responsive Customer Service

Not even the most sophisticated record retrieval software can compensate for subpar customer service and messaging. You want to work with record retrieval companies that can genuinely improve your business processes. This means you need one that can offer the highest degree of customer service and clear, concise messaging that gives you the information you need and none of the information you don’t.

The record retrieval process can come with its fair share of headaches, and iCopy wants to make sure you never have to deal with them alone. 


This is arguably the most important trait to look for in record retrieval companies. You need and deserve to work with a company that will happily offer you complete visibility into the retrieval process. Data from ordering to tracking to invoicing should be available to you at all times. If there’s a discrepancy in payment, you’ll know about it. If there’s an error or glitch in the backend that mischarges you, you’ll be able to track the problem to the source, and we’ll resolve it immediately.

Whatever your firm’s needs, iCopy has a solution. Developed by attorneys, for attorneys, our record retrieval services are designed to address every pain point your firm encounters in a timely, efficient, and trustworthy manner. If you have any questions about how iCopy stands apart from other record retrieval companies, get in touch with us today!

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