Legal Tech Trends That Have Us Excited

NetDocuments recently released their annual trends report and highlighted 23 legal technology insights for 2023. All the insights in their report have us excited for the future of legal tech, but there were four that stood out to us as being a critical next step for legal tech—steps we’ve taken in our business and are excited to see the rest of the legal industry follow!

A focus on higher-value work

From our inception, our goal has been to help law firms focus on higher-value work to maximize success and profits. By taking on the medical record retrieval process, we’ve freed up our clients to do more essential tasks and expand their return on investment. NetDocuments predicts even more growth in terms of outsourcing or automation that could increase productivity and, better yet, improve work/life balance. Their suggestion to jump on this trend? “Opt for legal platforms that help automate your document workflows, including features like document templates, built-in electronic signatures, and more.” Sound familiar to a platform you know? (Hint: It’s ours!)

Legal product innovation

Innovation is one of our core values, and we continue to strive toward greater innovation in the medical record retrieval field. We provide an easy-to-access client interface that makes tracking your requests simple, something NetDocuments sees as a trend in the legal industry as a whole. Just like we give our clients the ability to see their requests in real time, NetDocuments encourages the use of APIs to allow clients at legal firms the same kind of access. How do you get in on the trend? Make sure you have a strong single source as your system of record. According to Scott Kelly, ABA Legal Rebel and Product Innovator at NetDocuments, “Innovative firms have a once-in-a-generation opportunity to embed these tools into their service delivery and see their business reach new heights.” We’ve seen firsthand what this kind of technology can do to improve service and client experience!

Tailored solutions

We work with our clients to ensure that the solution we offer meets their needs because we know what it’s like. We’re founded by lawyers who faced the same struggles our clients are facing. This gives us an edge in making sure that the products and services we’re offering are a perfect fit for any firm. Outside of the tailored solutions you can find working with us, NetDocuments recommends integration of tools like Microsoft 365, document management, electronic signature, contract management, and more to develop solutions to meet the exact needs of a single firm.

Google-like search solutions

We’re all accustomed to answers at our fingertips, but the legal field sometimes falls behind in the “quick answer” race. According to NetDocuments, 54% of professionals report wasting time searching for needed files in cluttered online filing systems. Having organized and robust document management and collaboration platforms can provide a much more Google-like search experience in any firm. Imagine finding the documents you need in the blink of an eye, and then being able to filter and narrow the results. Game-changer for so many firms. 

If you work with iCopy, you’ve probably already experienced something close to this ideal world. Our system has advanced search capabilities that can help you drill down all the way to a line in a document—the veritable needle-in-the-haystack. As a result, our clients spend less time looking for the information they need. 

If you can’t do that with the rest of your documentation, can you imagine the possibilities if you could? For one: less time being frustrated and more time to focus on the task at hand! If your firm isn’t on this trend yet, NetDocuments recommends you choose an enterprise search product that can crawl through your most important applications and sources to return the most relevant results within a single search experience.

How iCopy Can Help

We may not be able to revolutionize the entire inner workings of your firm, but we can bring innovation to your firm medical record retrieval arena. We’re on the front line of change, and we love bringing that change to our clients. 

When you work with iCopy, you’ll have access to real, live client relation managers who are responsive to your needs in addition to our innovative platform providing real-time updates for your requests. And with the industry’s fastest turnaround time, we’ll get you the records you need, when you need them.

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